Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood & Finer Womanhood since 1920




Five Pearls of Wisdom

(Dedicated to the memory of the Founders of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc)

There were five unique women

Who started the journey down this road

On the shoulders of those five women

Bore Zeta's first heavy load

Not once did they waiver

Or ever turn around

They taught us that a true lady of Zeta

Always stands her ground

No matter the odds, no matter the tests

Those special women taught us

To always put forth our best

Zeta was something inside

That they truly loved

Something that they knew

They would always be proud of

Not every Zeta must strive

To live the lives that they showed

For the things that they knew

We now know

Like the sky shall always be Blue

The Pearly Gates shall always be White

And when I like my Pearls

Close my dying eyes to darkness

I shall not fear

For they help to lead me down the path

Of God that is right

I have been led by the knowledge

Of the Zeta Light

I will not stand before my maker

Hanging my head down in shame

Because I know the five Zetas in Heaven 

Made sure that He would be proud

To sign my name


Zetas, Phenomenal Women

I always examine insights when making a decision,

Individuality directed me to envision-

The type of mentors I desire to emulate,

Compassionate, finer women to appreciate!

It was my primary  priority,

To join a striking sorority-

choosing not to conform to the majority,

And to function wonder subordinate authority!

Without hesitation I made an observation, 

Z Phi B surpasses my expectation-

I accepted the challenge with appreciation,

Phenomenal Women make up my organization!

By: Soror Lizzie Polly Robinson-Jenkins



I am the finer woman

I am a lady of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 

I am the heart of a Sigma

The vital rib created from his side

If virtue and sisterly love is what you seek

Strive for perfection




What is a Zeta Lady?

A Zeta Lady is strong and determined. There are no forces of human powers that can stop her.

A Zeta Lady means that she can be her own entity. There is no hatred in her heart.

Being a Zeta Lady means that God is the center of her life. Her body is the housing of the holy spirit.

A Zeta Lady is Love, for she is able to generate and receive love. She is peaceful, kind, and understanding.

Being a Zeta Lady, means giving herself to others, asking for nothing in return.

She is willing to sacrifice even her own life for the liberation of God's people for His name's sake.

Whatever she may accomplish, it's for the glorification of God's Kingdom.

A Zeta Lady is creative and productive. God is the source of her strength.

Being a Zeta Lady means that she can be the very best that she can be.

Finer Womanhood is a gift from God. She knows that is she died this instant, all would be well with her soul. 

Finer Womanhood means wholeness in spirit, mind, and body.

A Zeta Lady is an asset to her home, her church, her community

A Zeta Lady has a positive attitude

A Zeta Lady tells herself that she is beautiful.

By Soror Bettye H. Shelling, reproduced from the Spring/Summer edition of the 1992 Archon


Divine Zeta

I am Divine.
Gently graceful, yet elusively powerful.
The blood of kings and queens flows through my veins.
My ancestors ruled under royal blue skies and bright white stars.
In the company of my sisters, I serve others selflessly.
We are sorors, scholars and finer women.
The spirit of our precious pearls guides me,
their light shines within me ever so brightly.
I am the living dream of my founders.
A lady of true style and grace, you will find none greater.
Make way for this Royal woman of Zeta Phi Beta.

Copyright 1999 -- GreekStreet.com

Zeta Phi Beta

Zeta Phi Beta no sweeter words
could pass from one's lips.
As tingling sensations flow
through my body and finally
from my fingertips.
When I think of finer womanhood
a lady of Zeta stands out.
When I think of sisterly love
My thoughts are of Zeta no doubt.
When I think of scholarship a
Zeta is there.
And as for community service
why, Zeta's are everywhere.
And when I think of true family
without a doubt
Zeta Phi Beta Sigma leaves me with a shout.
The love I have for my sisters you see is
very clear.
Because, no one could ever take the place
of a Zeta, my dear.

--Author Unknown


What it means to be a Zeta

What does it mean to be a Zeta?
It means excellence, courage, and love.
It means purity and peace.
For Zeta is truly like a dove.

Zeta means compassion,
Hard work, saying, "I will" and not "I would",
Zeta is the epitome
Of true Sisterhood.

Zeta, oh sweet Zeta
Always held in the highest esteem,
Sisterly love, cultural advancement, working for all
That's what Zeta means.

Written by Soror Rosalind Marie Miller, Lambda Iota Zeta Chapter, New Iberia, La


The Essence of a Finer Woman

Do you know the essence of a finer woman?
The strength of her sisterhood
The fact she'd do things no one would
The caring and compassion that is such an inspiration
The understanding that there is no such thing as limitation
The importance of oneness, in other words unity
The dedication to give back to the community
The striving and maintaining of sisterly love
The acknowledgement and reverence to our Creator above
The pride and confidence instilled so when things get hectic, she does not crumble
The serenity also instilled to bow down and be humble
The works of a finer woman are not to her benefit,
but to others She strives for the good of mankind,
especially her sisters and constitutionally bound brothers
Though the essence of a finer woman revolves around the blue and white
She is capable of respecting other colors for they all put up a fight
The finer woman stays true to her seven point plan
She holds up her sisters and united they stand
The true essence of a finer woman lies within our, us, we
The true essence of a finer woman is in Z PHI B

By Soror Lydia Luxama


Heart of A Sigma Man

The heart of a Sigma is cunning, bold, loving, and true.
Not red, pink, or green but the extravagant ROYAL BLUE.
It's as beautiful as the sky on a clear summer night.
The crescent moon and stars; the coalition of BLUE and WHITE
The heart of Sigma is challenged daily and is often misunderstood.
But still won't be denied the title of the Epitome of Finer Womanhood.
Our bond is inexplicable, there is none greater.
The heart of a Sigma is none other than a ZETA.

Bro. Dedric Brown "Warlock" Fall 1995



I am a Sexy Zeta

Able to stand on my own two feet

A lady that answers God's every call

But know that if I shall fall

Below shall be a pillar of white and secure doves

There to embrace me with peace and love

With great pleasure I represent Z Phi B

A Finer Woman, yep that’s ME!!!

Soror Kellie Dixon




It’s something about a true family

Always there when need be

May not always be on the same page

But our love grows as we age


It’s the royalty in our BLUE

That keeps us stuck like glue

It’s the pureness in our WHITE

That doesn’t judge others based on sight


That Zeta and Sigma bond forever

Our founders were oh so clever

Five Pearls and three crescents

The Dove Family, God’s most precious blessing!!

Soror Kellie Dixon



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